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Never judge a book by its movie.

Started by JW1993 avatar JW1993

what does this mean?

janja9 avatarjanja9 said:

i think it could mean that if you saw the movie of the book, to not judge that the book itself is going to be the same as movie, so to read the book? LOL its kind of literal, hehehe i dont know if i am exactly right!

Johnny avatarJohnny said:

I think it's just a bit of humor. To point out, that movies might not follow the way the book is has been written.

brookiecookie09 avatarbrookiecookie09 said:

i think it means that if u see a movie that was made about a book and you didnt really like it you might think the book is just as bad. But you might want to actually read the book in return just to give the author some credit. Because in most movies about books they leave A LOT of stuff out. like in the Twilight movie. They left a lot out of the movie that was in the book.

djimmey avatardjimmey said:

Your imagination is better by reading the book, the movie might not as good or complete.So if you see the movie first then don't judge the book until you read it.

Phaedrus avatarPhaedrus said:

Books and Movies are different genres, such that the Author has artistic licence with the content of the book, while the Director maintains artistic licence over the direction of the movie. Hence, just as two people can offer vastly different interpretations of a comnmon event, so the Author and Director may beg to differ on the representation of the subject common to both book and movie.

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