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Biography for Buscaglia, Leo:

Started by JacobIsrael avatar JacobIsrael

Little is truly known about Leo E. Buscaglia. Making many question whether or not he exists at all. Which leads many to question, why his name is, at this moment one of the top searched names on the internet at all. From what we know of his writings, he is best known for quotations on friendship, love, and of course, the meaning of life. His name, which is also an anagram, which one might do well to unveil. As many who have written about Mr. Buscaglia have found an eery resemblance to the writings of another author, Jacob Israel. Whose essays, and videos alone have begun to shatter the concept of religion, and has begun to unite many with the belief, that we are all indeed one. One fragmented body, one confused mind, one life surging through us all, longing for friendship and understanding, and the finding of one's true self. "This world is an illusion, and all are trapped within, but soon that which is trapped within, will be loosed without. Then death will be swallowed up in victory." - this quote, although attributed to Dr. Buscaglia was first penned by Mr. Israel. Leading many to question, why?

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