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At twenty years of age, the will reigns; at thirty, the wit; and at forty, the judgment.

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The quotation discusses about each important trait that accompanies us in different ages. At twenties, we are young and vulnerable. It is wills that support us to go through difficult times to achieve a better status or realize our dreams. At thirties, we know more about the world and people. We become sophisticated. We use our cleverness or knowledge that we accumulated from youth to handle what encountered in life; at forties, we are like an old sailor on the sea. We know when to set sail, know where to go, and know where could get better fish. We are experienced and are wise. Thus, at the age, the judgments guide us to see the world, and to make decisions.

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Good comments anitalin. An addition to the twenties stage of life might be that eventhough there typically isn't the wisdom and judgment to go into the experiences with, there is drive and energy. Those two things can help drive us through the circumstances of life. Energy and enthusiasm can help cover some other dificiencies. It may cost those in the twenties a little more because there may be more mistakes made without the wisdom and judgement, but the results will come. There is a quote that says "nothing can withstand sustained effort and pressure."

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