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testing 123

Torley avatarTorley said:

Friendly greetings! Got your email, Amit, you CHIEF POTATO you. :D Testing testing... this Village looks cozy! More cozy than the Village from The Prisoner, and kinda reminds me of eWorld, too. I'm having fun submitting my quotes, like this... The world would be a much more logical, decision-oriented place if we renamed those breakfast waffles "Ergos".Torley

madhollywood avatarmadhollywood said:

Glad to see the site is coming along. We need to get some real conversation going. I love your quote there Torley, but I have another. If all complaints had to be accompanied by the submission of a delicious sandwich then fewer people would voice them while more would be willing to listen.Michael Wakcher

Johnny avatarJohnny said:

Hey I am trying to loose some weight. These quotes aren't helping any.

amitkoth avataramitkoth said:

mmmm .... breakfast

bkinde15 avatarbkinde15 said:

hello.. am a newbie here