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Started by Lvan avatar Lvan

I feel confused with my dancing course because I have no partner.I am disappointed!What should I do ?Give up or.....?

Johnny avatarJohnny said:

Find a dancing club. Think Next and keep going until you have partners.

amitkoth avataramitkoth said:

You have salsa classes near you? Usually (here in London at least) you always swap your partner every couple of minutes ;-)

butter avatarbutter said:

Don't give up something that you enjoy,just find another "Dancing" course.

Robertofgoodna avatarRobertofgoodna said:

You may be happier in a nude Dancing Class.

lynn10 avatarlynn10 said:

Post a "want" ad at your local community centre, church, grocery store or convenience store for a partner for a dance class. In many countries, such places have a bulletin or notice boards that allow people to post notes. Good luck!

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