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James Wolfe and Thomas Gray:

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I am a firm believer that every little modification or removal from an historic house dilutes its value. James Wolfe may well have read Gray's "Elegy" on the way to meet glory and his fate at Quebec, but he did so while being rowed DOWNRIVER. In a ruse, his fleet of warships had gone UPSTREAM from Quebec, thus drawing Bougainville's force in the direction of Montreal. Wolfe then slipped DOWNstream in pulling boats with muffled oars, in the dark of night. Before dawn, his force landed below a trail later named after him and two Scots (who spoke French) silenced the guards. When the sun rose, the English were arrayed on the fields belonging to a farmer named Abraham. Montcalm unwisely sallied the troops and thereby lost Quebec. The "Plains of Abraham" rand with the Plains of Philippi in marking historic turning-points. Bougainville's force, largely on foot, arrived too late. This garnered Bougainville much trouble with the French king, and he banished himself to the Pacific, where a tropical flower memorializes his name, as does an island made famous by the sacrifices of the United States Marines in 1943.

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Meant to say "rank", re Phillipi, etc.

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