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Started by Chachma avatar Chachma

There is a "Daniella Kessler" who has 3 quotes. That author is the SAME Daniella Kessler who has 24 quotes. I need to put the three quotes with the one with other 24. I noticed that you (whoever runs this site) fixed the problem with the "Daniella Kesssler," so THANK YOU for that correction. Also, the following quotes need to be removed from the site: "“Life is about figuring out who you are; it is about accepting who you are; and then allowing that in you to blossom.”" "Life is a flowing river and you are in it… so watch out for rocks." "A moment of sweet vengeance isn’t worth the lifetime of bitter guilt." As you can see there is a massive typo in each of them. I would appreciate if you could remove those three quotes. I appreciate your help.

amitkoth avataramitkoth said:

Hello. thanks for the post. I run the site. - I've put all quotes into one author - I've corrected the spelling mistakes Amit

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