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The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.

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Misattributed. The original quote is: M. Porcius Cato dixit litterarum radices amaras esse fructus iocundiores. (Cato said that the roots of education are bitter, its fruits more pleasant.) Declined in numerous different ways by a Latin grammarian named Diomedes in his Ars grammatica, 4th or 5th c. AD. Printed in Grammatici Latini, ed. Heinrich Keil, vol. 1.310. Leipzig: BG Teubner, 1855-1880. My source: The chreia and ancient rhetoric: classroom exercises, Volume 2002, Part 2, p. 67-68, by Ronald F. Hock, Edward N. O'Neil, Society of Biblical Literature It would be really helpful to everyone if quotes were cited!!

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