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Started by cinnykaye avatar cinnykaye

Can anyone tell me what is meant by this quote "from age to age, nothing changes and yet completely different?"

Jack avatarJack said:

Ahaa,in my country there is a sentence from a classic poem can explain this quote exactly: "年年岁岁花相似,岁岁年年人不同." It means we don't care the tiny changes untill it accumulates to a big one!

Phaedrus avatarPhaedrus said:

From generation to generation the players will change, but the story remains the same and is repeated.

ShannonMarie avatarShannonMarie said:

We are all the same, humans beget more humans, cells beget more cells, that never changes. But the people who make it a world are changing from generation to generation, so it is always a different world. Even though it is the same. Does that make sense?

Phaedrus avatarPhaedrus said:

Indubitably ShannonMarie. The old trees may individually die and be replaced by saplings but the overall forest remains, apparently unchanging.

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