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Some quotes by mumin sekman, "personel success author":

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"Great success comes from the heart, develops in the brain and is brought to life by the hands." (mumin sekman) "While you're alive, you'll be judged by your latest achievement; when you're dead, you'll be remembered for your greatest achievement." (mumin sekman) "The flush of success comes with an expiry date. That's why you should be the first person to forget your old achievement and to move on to your next one!" (mumin sekman) "Success is when you astonish yourself with your own achievements.If the most recent display on the scoreboard doesn't astonish anyone, it means you're just coasting through your career." (mumin sekman) "Success classifies people in one of three ways: Those who are truly successful, those who pretend to be successful and those who live on the back of the successful other!" (mumin sekman) "Once you've learned all that can be learned about success,you will see that success is not an issiue strategy, but one of sincerity!" (mumin sekman)

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