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The greatest things are accomplished by individual people, not by committees or companies.

Started by africa avatar africa

Hello everybody, I'm new here and I would like to discuss about this quote. What do you think Montapert means with this saying?

africa avatarafrica said:

what about team work?

amitkoth avataramitkoth said:

He's probably talking about the "initial vision"

africa avatarafrica said:

Hi amitkoth! Yeah, it could be that, the first light(idea, inspiration) comes usually from one person. Then, it can be developped by a team. Do you agree?

Phaedrus avatarPhaedrus said:

This is a variation of the widely held belief that you "can't design by committee" because it suffers from competing concepts and egos. If an individual can maintain creative control [like a movie director cum dictator], then team work can be marshalled to the satisfaction of the individual.

africa avatarafrica said:

hey! notice that he said the greatest things not the great things. Which means that companies do accomplish great things but individual people can do better! He must be encouraging people to believe in themselves and to act without waiting for others to orient them. What do you think guys??

amerie0259 avataramerie0259 said:

Individuals create teams originating from their own ideas,initiatives and agendas,...the individual is the Source of all accomplishment.

peachie52781 avatarpeachie52781 said:

hi everyone! i agree with phaedrus. i guess it also means that 1 person can be people for this person sees things the way different people do.;)

silhouette avatarsilhouette said:

It could also mean that since many individuals are actually necessary to make up a team, each one has to do their part perfectly so as to accomplish a work in a perfect manner :)

Phaedrus avatarPhaedrus said:

"Nothing useless is, or low; Each thing in its place is best; And what seems but idle show Strengthens and supports the rest. " - from The Builders, by Henry Wadsworth LONGFELLOW.

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