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Quotes for turning 65.

Presents and parties disappear, The cards grow fewer year by year, Till, when one reaches sixty-five, How many care we're still alive?

At sixty-five one is not merely twenty years older than one was at forty-five. One has exchanged an indefinite future--and one had a tendency to look upon it as infinite--for a finite future. In earlier days we could see no boundary-mark upon the horizon: now we do see one.
Let others Sing of Youth and Spring, still will it seem to me The golden time's the olden time, some time round Sixty-five.
I determined that at sixty-five business properly speaking should know me no more. On my sixty-fifth birthday--or, to put it more correctly, on my sixty-sixth--I woke a free man. For my practice had always been a discipline rather than an inclination.
I discovered when I began to look into the whole question of retirement, our society exactly pinpoints the onset of that decline at age sixty-five. No one would presume to date so precisely the onset of childhood, adolescence, or adulthood, and reward--or punish--those who don't arrive or depart on time.

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