Quotes for Events - Second Marriage / Remarriage

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Quotes for second marriage / remarriage. Better luck this time!

When a woman marries again it is because she detested her first husband. When a man marries again it is because he adored his first wife. Women try their luck; men risk theirs.

Many a man owes his success to his first wife and his second wife to his success.
When the bride is a widow and the groom is a widower; when the former has lived in Our Great Little Town for hardly two years, and the latter for hardly a month; when Monsieur wants to get the whole damned thing over with as quickly as possible, and Madam gives in with a tolerant smile; then, my reader, the wedding is generally a "quiet affair." The bride may dispense with a tiara of orange blossoms securing her finger-tip veil, nor does she carry a white orchid in a prayer book.
Marriage will not content me, nor will single life. . . . I have tried both, and I cannot recommend either. It is a choice between two evils, and one does not know to say which is the least.
Torments of suspicion will often follow on a second marriage.
Marry a widdow before she leave mourning.
A good season for courtship is, when the widow returns from the funeral.
A man can find contentment only in his first wife.
If a man's wife has died, and she has left him grown-up children, he should not take another wife before he has married off his children.
Marriage is always bad then [when one chooses the wrong man], first or second. Priority is a poor recommendation in a husband if he has got no other. I would rather have a good second husband than an indifferent first.
After all this, to marry a widow, a kind of chewed meat! What a fantastical stomach hast thou, that canst not eat of a dish till another man hath cut of it! Who would wash after another, when he might have fresh water enough for asking?