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Quotes for school reunion.

I,--the man of middle years, In whose sable locks appears Many a warning fleck of gray,--Looking back to that far day, And thy primal lessons, feel Grateful smiles my lips unseal, As, remembering thee, I blend Olden teacher, present friend.

We are older: our footsteps, so light in the play Of the far-away school-time, move slower to-day;--Here a beard touched with frost, there a bald, shining crown, And beneath the cap's border gray mingles with brown. But faith should be cheerful, and trust should be glad, And our follies and sins, not our years, make us sad.
To-day our Reverend Mother welcomes back Her wisest Scholars, those who understood The deeper teaching of her mystic tome, And offered their fresh lives to make it good.
It takes some time to accept and realize that fact that while you have been growing old, your friends have not been standing still, in that matter.
Whether we like it, or don't There's a sort of bond in the fact That we all by one master were taught, By one master were bullied and whackt. And now all the more when we see Our class in so shrunken a state And we, who were seventy-two, Diminished to seven or eight.
Is this the great campus that I remember so well from my freshman days? What was it? Half a mile long, I think, and broader even than its length. That football goal that stood some fifty or sixty feet in the air, has it shrunk to these poor sticks? These simple trees, can they be the great elms that reared themselves up to the autumn sky? And was the Tower no higher than this?
We'll love her as we loved the dear old school or very very near it, For tho' she's thrown the dress away, she's kept the same old spirit; And of her present boys and girls we'll each prove a believer That every year she'll turn them out as good and bright as we were.
We have come back here, along with those we love, to see one another again. And by being together we shall remember that we are part of a great company, we shall remember that we are not mere individuals isolated in a tempest, but that we are members of a community--that what we have to do, we shall do together, with friends beside us.
I never go to a college reunion that I don't come away feeling sorry for all those paunchy, balding jocks trying to hang onto youth. I feel sorry for the men, too.
The class reunion, known as a splendid opportunity to check out how we're doing in comparison to our age peers, is less often acknowledged for its temporal impact--for being a stark reminder of time's relativity. Returning for a reunion, we hear the same chorus of bedeviled reactions "Can you believe it's been a quarter of a century?" "Where has the time gone!" "It seems like yesterday!" The decades since graduation have raced by like a jet stream, sucking us along and depositing us in the present before we realized what was happening. But the four years when we were in school were as leisurely as a stroll; they ambled, they meandered, they distinguished themselves one from the other . . . as if each were a separate country, and we a different person every year.

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