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Quotes for Saturday.

When dirty Waters from Balconies drop, And dextrous Damsels twirle the sprinkling Mop, And cleanse the spatter'd Sash, and scrub the Stairs; Know Saturday's conclusive Morn appears.

With regard to Saturday afternoons, perhaps men who live by manual labour, and have families to support by it, cannot spend them better than in following the several callings in which they have employed themselves on the preceding days of the week. For industry will be no bad preparation for the Sabbath.
The evening of the last day of the week was always celebrated by what is styled on board of English vessels, "The Saturday-night bottles." Two of these were sent down into the forecastle, just after dark; one for the starboard watch, and the other for the larboard.
The common failings in that part of the country amongst the poor were Saturday-night drunkenness and looseness in the relations between young men and young women. Mrs. Caffryn's indignation never rose to the correct boiling point against these crimes.
Saturday night is the loneliest night in the week, Cause that's the night that my sweetie and I used to dance cheek to cheek.
. . . Saturday morning, all my tiredness gone away. Got my money and my honey, and I'm out on the stem to play.
Come Saturday morning I'm going away with my friend. We'll Saturday spend till the end of the day.
A congregation of Jews that reads from the Torah every Saturday, that includes babies and grandparents, the memories of Holocaust survivors and the enthusiasm of converts, will show you that you need not live and die on your own island of time. You are part of an extended family whose memories stretch back past Mount Sinai.