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Quotes for promotion. Vice President to CEO, secretary to junior exec, PFC to 1st Lieutenant, lawyer to partner--moving up is always cause for a special congratulations.

The Master said, "Do not worry because you have no official position. Worry about your qualifications. Do not worry because no one appreciates your abilities. Seek to be worthy of appreciation."

Winning promotion through Pull is a thing we all hate--in other people. Co-workers dislike the beneficiary of Pull (The Pullee) and usually express that dislike in comments on his incompetence.
Most managements complain about the lack of able people and go outside to fill key positions. Nonsense. Nobody inside an organization ever looked ready to move into a bigger job. I use the rule of 50 percent. Try to find somebody inside the company with a record of success (in any area) and with an appetite for the job. If he looks like 50 per cent of what you need, give him the job. In six months he'll have grown the other 50 per cent and everybody will be satisfied.
People used to think at 45: How do I prepare myself for the next promotion? Now they have to think: How do I prepare myself to make another start if/when I'm pitched over the side? Companies today treat employees as disposable resources.

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