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Quotes for Labor day, which is a celebration of the American labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of workers.

Who first invented work, and bound the free And holyday-rejoicing spirit down To the ever-haunting importunity Of business in the green fields, and the town--To plough, loom, anvil, spade--and oh! most sad, To that dry drudgery at the desk's dead wood?

Toiling,--rejoicing,--sorrowing, Onward through life he goes; Each morning sees some task begin, Each evening sees it close; Something attempted, something done, Has earned a night's repose.
In spite of oppressors, in spite of false leaders, in spite of labor's own lack of understanding of its needs, the cause of the worker continues onward. Slowly his hours are shortened, giving him leisure to read and to think. Slowly his standard of living rises to include some of the good and beautiful things of the world. Slowly the cause of his children becomes the cause of all. His boy is taken from the breaker, his girl from the mill. Slowly those who create the wealth of the world are permitted to share it. The future is in labor's strong, rough hands.
Eight hours for work, eight hours for rest, Eight hours for what we will.
Two important features of Labor Day are, first, that the various unions shall lay aside any differences that they may have; and second, that employers are asked to meet with the workers to discuss matters relating to the welfare of the laboring classes.
You load 16 tons and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . St. Peter, don't you call me 'cause I can't go I owe my soul to the company store.
Workin' nine to five what a way to make a livin', barely gettin' by It's all takin' and no givin'
Americans were supposed to pause yesterday to praise working men and women and contemplate the role of labor unions in the nation's history. . . . But just as Memorial Day has largely become a time to gather 'round the barbecue and welcome the beginning of summer, so Labor Day has largely become a day to give the season a good sendoff.
Frankly, I don't believe people think of their office as a workplace anyway. I think they think of it as a stationery store with Danish. You want to get your pastry, your envelopes, your supplies, your toilet paper, six cups of coffee, and you go home.

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