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Quotes for January.

Two-headed Janus, opener of the softly gliding year, thou who alone of the celestials dost behold thy back, O come propitious to the chiefs whose toil ensures peace to the fruitful earth, peace to the sea.

A Drunkard cannot meet a Cork Without a Revery--And so encountering a Fly This January Day Jamaicas of Remembrance stir That send me reeling in--This moderate drinker of Delight Does not deserve the spring--
I do not like January very much. It is too stationary. Not enough happens. I like the evidences of life, and in January there are too few of them.
In the South we go in quest of spring as soon as Christmas is past and the new year begins. The first days of January find us searching among the last fallen leaves for purple violets and white hyacinths and the yellow buds of winter aconite.