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Quotes for Friday.

The housewife should kindle the Sabbath candles with a joyous heart and good will, for it is a great privilege accorded to her. It brings her the merit of holy sons, who will be Lights of the World in Torah, and who will increase peace on earth. It also merits her to give long life unto her husband. Therefore she should be careful in the observance of this Mitzwah.

Some days . . . are commonly deemed unlucky; among others, Friday labours under that opprobrium; and it is pretty generally held that no new work or enterprise should commence on that day. . . . A respectable merchant of the city of London informed me that no person there will begin any business, i. e. open his shop for the first time, on a Friday.
Midst the wealth of facts and fancies That our memories may recall, Thus the old school-day romances Are the dearest, after all!--When some sweet thought revises The half-forgotten tune That opened "Exercises," On "Friday Afternoon."
From feasts abstain; be temperate, and pray; Fast if thou wilt; and yet, throughout the day, Neglect no labour and no duty shirk: Not many hours are left thee for thy work.
I shall never forget Shabbat in my town. When I shall have forgotten everything else, my memory will still retain the atmosphere of holiday, of serenity pervading even the poorest houses: the white tablecloth, the candles, the meticulously combed little girls, the men on their way to the synagogue. When my town shall fade into the abyss of time, I will continue to remember the light and the warmth it radiated on Shabbat.
It was a nice way to remember, to gather those scattered Friday nights of candles strewn over childhood's inconsistent terrain. A token of memory, and also of history, the collective remembrance far beyond memory's reach.