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Quotes for first day of school.

we pray you will learn easily in this new place you will laugh and share loving people other than us.

What if they mispronounce my last name and everyone laughs? What if my teacher doesn't make her D's like Mom taught me? What if I spend the whole day without a friend?
Surely there were other important Julys scattered throughout those many years. For instance, that month of my fifth year was when I realized I had to go to school in September. It was a prospect I dreaded, believing in my heart that I was already sufficiently educated by Central Park, by the books I had read since I was three and a half, and by the disruptive arrival that year of a baby sister who taught me terrible lessons in displacement, resentment, hatred.
I don't remember my first day at school, who the teacher was, or how I behaved. It was only during my second year that school and books and a beautiful teacher named Mary Lee Hall, brought it all alive. I loved it all because I thought she did.
The idea of entering upon a life of my own intoxicated me. Until now I had been growing up on the fringe of adult life, as it were; from now on I should have my satchel, my textbooks, my exercise books and my homework.
Why, she asked, pressing her chin on James's head, should they grow up so fast? Why should they go to school? She would have liked always to have had a baby.
A good village primary school ought to be a cross between a nursery and a play-room; and the teacher ought to be playmate, nurse, and mother, all combined.
Those that do teach young babes Do it with gentle means and easy tasks.
And this was the cause of my suffering when I was sent to school. For all of a sudden I found my world vanishing from around me, giving place to wooden benches and straight walls staring at me with the blank stare of the blind. But the legend is that eating of the fruit of knowledge is not consonant with dwelling in paradise. Therefore men's children have to be banished from their paradise into a realm of death dominated by the decency of a tailoring department. So my mind had to accept the tight-fitting encasement of the school which, being like the shoes of a mandarin woman, pinched and bruised my nature on all sides and at every movement.