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Quotes for first communion.

He tells us that next to a relic of the True Cross the Communion wafer is the holiest thing in the world and our First Communion is the holiest moment in our lives. Talking about First Communion makes the master all excited. He paces back and forth, waves his stick, tells us we must never forget that the moment the Holy Communion is placed on our tongues we become members of that most glorious congregation, the One, Holy, Roman, Catholic and Apostolic Church, that for two thousand years men, women, and children have died for the Faith, that the Irish have nothing to be ashamed of in the martyr department.

At the Cours Desir, on the eve of our First Communion, we were exhorted to go and cast ourselves at our mothers' feet and ask them to forgive our faults; not only had I not done this, but when my sister's turn came I persuaded her not to do so either.
The day of your first communion was the happiest day of your life. And once a lot of generals had asked Napoleon what was the happiest day of his life. They thought he would say the day he won some great battle or the day he was made an emperor. But he said: --Gentlemen, the happiest day of my life was the day on which I made my first holy communion.
The little children sweetly grouped Before the altar rail; Yea, even the ancient saints, aligned In shadows vaguely dim Beneath the cumbering dust of years, In silence seemed to smile!
Welcome sweet, and sacred feast; welcome life! Dead I was, and deep in trouble; But grace, and blessings came with thee so rife, That they have quickened even dry stubble.
The time of every ones first receiving is not so much by yeers, as by understanding: particularly, the rule may be this: When any one can distinguish the Sacramentall from common bread, knowing the Institution, and the difference, hee ought to receive of what age soever. Children and youths are usually deferred too long, under pretence of devotion to the Sacrament, but it is for want of Instruction; their understandings being ripe enough for ill things, and why not then for better? But Parents and Masters should make hast in this, as to a great purchase for their children, and servants, which while they deferr, both sides suffer; the one, in wanting many excitings of grace; the other, in being worse served and obeyed.
The Lord Jesus himself declares: "This is my body"(Matt. 26.26). Before the blessing of heavenly words occurs it is a different thing that is referred to, but after the consecration it is called a body. He himself says that it is his blood (cf. Matt. 26-28). Before the consecration it has another name, but after the consecration it is designated blood. And you say: "Amen," which means: "It is true." What the mouth speaks, let the mind confess within: what the word says, let love acknowledge.
When the priest actually placed the round wafer on my outstretched tongue, it was almost redundant. I had already received my first communion. My mother was my priest, the flowers were my Eucharist, and I was the stumbling, sorry recipient, overwhelmed at my own unworthiness, shaky in my faith, but loved completely in spite of it.
When I was still a teenager, I received Christ. The scripture says that he clothed me in a robe of righteousness because of the cross, and when God looks at me, he does not see my sins. He sees the blood of Christ, and we celebrate that blood when we take communion.
It stood to reason that a fellow confessing after seven years would have more to tell than people that went every week. The crimes of a lifetime.

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