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Quotes for first car.

I happen to feel an almost visceral connection to the cars of my youth, a passionate nostalgia for certain models that carry very personal meanings--automobile as autobiography, you might say. A road sighting of a 1948 Dodge with Fluid Drive gives me palpitations because I know the car, I know the dials on the dashboard and the smell of the upholstery and where I was in life the last time I rode in one. It's the car in which I learned to drive.

There is talk of lowering the driving age. It might be a good idea. There was a time when I had more patience. But whoever heard of a five-year-old behind the wheel of a car?
So he bought the automobile, and Boon found his soul's lily maid, the virgin's love of his rough and innocent heart. It was a Winton Flyer.

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