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Quotes for first baby. Words of wisdom, joy, and warning about the first born member of a family.

Oh, I wish I could completely explain how I feel about having a baby. It's that procreation is the greatest miracle of all, and you are participating in it, contributing to it--as animals must do, as the grizzly bears must do because they kill to protect their cubs. You feel an affinity with all the vast things in the world since time began. And you feel so small. Procreation is like the tide, it's like the planets it's like everything inexplicable. And yet it's so utterly personal.

For some reason the most important thing to me was actually seeing the baby come out of you yourself and making sure it was yours. I thought if you had to have all that pain anyway you might just as well stay awake. I had always imagined myself hitching up on to my elbows on the delivery table after it was all over--dead white, of course, with no makeup and from the awful ordeal, but smiling and radiant, with my hair down to my waist, and reaching out for my first little squirmy child and saying its name, whatever it was.
If in the whole course of a woman's sensitive life there is one moment of happiness more keen, blissful, bright, than another, it is that in which the husband of her choice thanks her for his firstborn child.
Tew look upon the trak that life takes--tew see the sunshine and shower--tew plead for the best, and shrink from the wust--tew shudder when sikness steals on, and tew be chastened when death comes--tiz this--oh! tiz this that makes the fust baby a hope upon arth, and a gem up in heaven.
I wish him good and constant health, His father's learning, but more wealth, And that to use, nor hoard; a purse Open to bless, not shut to curse. May he have many and fast friends, Meaning good will, not private ends, Such as scorn to understand When they name love, a piece of land.

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