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Quotes for financial loss.

A man willing to work, and unable to find work, is perhaps the saddest sight that Fortune's inequality exhibits under this sun.

Poverty of goods is easy to cure, poverty of soul impossible.
He that hath lost his credit is dead to the world.
O fool! to think God hates the worthy mind, The lover and the love of humankind, Whose life is healthful, and whose conscience clear; Because he wants a thousand pounds a year.
Unless I die, I shall beat [sic] up against this foul weather. A penny I will not borrow from any one. . . . I am grieved for Lady Scott and Anne, who cannot conceive adversity can have the better of them, even for a moment. If it teaches a little of the frugality which I never had the heart to enforce when money was plenty, and it seemed cruel to interrupt the enjoyment of it in the way they liked best, it will be well.
If success is rare and slow, everybody knows how quick and easy ruin is.
It is wonderful what an insight into domestic economy being really hard up gives one. If you want to find out the value of money, live on fifteen shillings a week, and see how much you can put by for clothes and recreation. You will find that it is worthwhile to wait for the farthing change, that it is worthwhile to walk a mile to save a penny, that a glass of beer is a luxury to be indulged in only at rare intervals, and that a collar can be worn for four days.
Bein' poor never holds stylish people back.
Pity those in Mammon's thrall, Poor, misguided souls are they, Money's nothing, after all--Make the grocer think that way!