Quotes for Events - Coming Out (Socially)

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Quotes for coming out (socially).

In Victorian days, when young girls up to the age of about eighteen were closely guarded at home, their debuts or formal introduction to their parents' friends in society had real meaning. . . . Today, however, with most girls going on to college, the debut when it occurs is merely a break in the educational procedure. It is rather meaningless now as an announcement that the girl is on the marriage market, for with four years ahead of her of increasingly difficult college courses, the girl, if she is sensible, awaits the completion of her education before marrying.

What causes young people to "come out," but the noble ambition of matrimony? What sends them trooping to watering-places? What keeps them dancing till five o'clock in the morning through a whole mortal season? . . . What causes respectable parents to take up their carpets, set their houses topsy-turvy, and spend a fifth of their year's income in ball suppers and iced champagne? Is it sheer love of their species, and an unadulterated wish to see young people happy and dancing? Psha! they want to marry their daughters.
Give a girl an education, and introduce her properly into the world, and ten to one but she has the means of settling well, without farther expense to anybody.