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Why can’t we love our dreams the same way we love dreaming?

As moments are winding the time, my purpose shall surely exhibit
The power of a leader is in his delegation skills
There is always going to be infants and folks. Mine is to make a mark before getting old
When I leave this dimension, I shall leave evocative deeds
What is the use of a new song if the dance is still the same? As you set resolutions, change your actions
You are fully a slave if you also behave like one
The meaning of success achievement is in the impact of its celebration
Knowledge is the provocative masterstroke of purpose
Shaped fate is the resultant of sharpened focus
Ace attitude attain and attribute ambition
Assess your progress and possess access to success
It is contradictory, why a need for hope if you trust in fear?
Changing the game plan is changing the game outcome, you have to love change
You don’t need a virtual image of your destination; as you are dreaming, you shall be gleaming
To cease quetching about wrongfulness with no positive action is to cease praising the devil's deeds
You cannot refrain, cease, or avoid criticism since critics feed themselves by passing guild to others to regain energy
The most valuable dream you could ever treasure is the one you can achieve in no time

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