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Deep down, the US, with its space, its technological refinement, its bluff good conscience, even in those spaces which it opens up for simulation, is the only remaining primitive society.

It is always dangerous to generalize, but the American people, while infinitely generous, are a hard and strong race and, but for the few cemeteries I have seen, I am inclined to think they never die.
America, America, God shed His grace on thee, and crown thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea.
America is the only nation in history which, miraculously, has gone directly from barbarism to degeneration without the usual interval of civilization.
America makes prodigious mistakes, America has colossal faults, but one thing cannot be denied: America is always on the move. She may be going to Hell, of course, but at least she isn't standing still.
God bless the USA, so large, so friendly, and so rich.
America is the country where you can buy a lifetime supply of aspirin For one dollar and use it up in two weeks.

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