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Being unsettle keeps you progressing and contentedness leads you towards irrelevance -- Rakshith Amarnath [28.05.2013]

All it takes is the invisible hands of a failed government to induce deep miseries to modern mankind
Options, if too less creates desperation, and if too many, discombobulation
We live in such times that renders suspicion on things that are "too good to be true" --Rakshith
Becoming a success is just one-fourth the story. It's sustenance is the toughest three-fourth. --Rakshith
If you want life to take u on a roller coaster ride, willfully get out of your comfort zone
Being happy tends to be easier than finding happiness! ---Rakshith
It took ages for the wise to understand that the quintessence of happiness is a pointer pointing to your own SELF.
You need to be there, missing something, to truly understand the value of it
There is something called LOVE, which by far Transcends all material desire !!
To follow the path of least resistance, even the current does it !! It takes the potential of a MAN to do the opposite !! -Rakshith

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