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i d0n't mind when pe0ple talk shit ab0ut me. i kn0w it's just jeal0usy. & jeal0usy & ign0rance g0 hand in hand.!!

‎"Look at yourself of what u did, before you tell someone else what they did
y0u d0n't get an0tha chance life iz n0t nintend0 game!!
This fuckin black cloud still follow's me around. . But it's time to exercise these demons!!
da truth is u d0n't kn0w wat iz g0en t0 hapen t0m0rr0w. Life iz a crazy ride, nd n0thin iz guaranted.!!!
Real l0ve st0rys neva have hapy ending bec0x real l0ve st0rys neva end!!
no matter how time is going one day it will change and make your life better or worst. . !!
who ever is in front of u bring them back. in dreams have a madness race tht would lead anyone behind. . !!
dareness is not told, it is shown. .!!
If pE0plE d0 n0t BeliEve thAt MathEmAtiCs iS siMplE, iT iS 0nLy bCoZ tHey d0 n0t rEalize h0w c0mPliCaTed liFe iZ.
I kn0w n0tHinG ab0uT me. ItS pe0ple wh0 sAy I aM a GEniuS!!!
Life iz like mathmaticz if u aply ryte f0rmula in ryte situati0n it will be s0 simple nd can b easily s0lvd bt if f0rmula iz wr0ng then itz c0mplictd!
[in this world we all are the characters but only god is the director,producer,skript writer and our job in this world is to just play our role as the character and just trying to complete his story that he has made for us. . . !!]
Teach only love for that is what you are.
Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.
[sHe prop0sed mebut i was rude.......wah wah wah......sHe proposed me but i wasrude.......wah wah wah. . . bcoz being single is my attitude......!!]

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