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I have tried to know absolutely nothing about a great many things, and I have succeeded fairly well.

Don't ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up.
The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.
I hold it to be the inalienable right of anybody to go to hell in his own way.
And nothing to look backward to with pride, and nothing to look forward to with hope.
Goodness is uneventful. It does not flash, it glows.
Society often forgives the criminal; it never forgives the dreamer.
America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between.
On the whole, human beings want to be good, but not too good, and not quite all the time.
I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.
Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.

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