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It is not for the loved ones that leave us behind for whom we should cry, but, rather, for ourselves.

Pain and pleasure are the common variables to everything we do. Other things being equal, not one action causing more pain than pleasure should be worth considering
Being smart is not only being able to solve an equation, but more important still, making those decisions that may require for us to use that equation
Everything we do in life has its own opportunity cost. From all possible things we could be doing at a given time, determining which one is of most value to us tends to be our biggest challenge in terms of allocating our time resource efficiently
In the universal picture of life, if choices are “A” and “B”, outcome “A” will always be equal to outcome “B”.
Find purpose for life or life will find purpose for you.
The only difference between you and everybody else is abstract; you can only see it in your mind.
There must be something unique about you that God gave you the privilege to exist.
Mankind is the masterpiece of this world of perfection.
Mankind lives to understand things, but only thru deep thinking he can understand the things of real value to him.
Show honesty, not worth saving a tree while killing a forest.
There are only two corners on the ring of this world. One of them is you, the other one, everybody else.
To buy things, coins, to buy people, appreciation.
Souls accept no coins, and payback, no appreciation.
I got a friend; I am my friend's friend.
Perform your job with pride and will exceed all expectations.
Between you and this world there is only room for greatness.
All good things that happen to us is the result of our own obedience to God, while the bad once, measures our failure to do His will.

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