spikywires - Feed http://quotationsbook.com/ Quotations Book Search <![CDATA[Of all the forces that make for a better world, none is so indispensable, none so powerful, as hope. Without hope men are only half alive. With hope they dream and think and work.]]> http://quotationsbook.com/quote/19493/ http://quotationsbook.com/quote/19493/ <![CDATA[It is better to have loved and lost, than to have paid for it and not liked it at all.]]> http://quotationsbook.com/quote/45953/ http://quotationsbook.com/quote/45953/ <![CDATA[Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.]]> http://quotationsbook.com/quote/4063/ http://quotationsbook.com/quote/4063/ <![CDATA[Teach only love for that is what you are.]]> http://quotationsbook.com/quote/24325/ http://quotationsbook.com/quote/24325/ <![CDATA[Mark 13:37 And what I say to you, I say to all, Watch!]]> http://quotationsbook.com/quote/47345/ http://quotationsbook.com/quote/47345/ <![CDATA[Searching is half the fun: life is much more manageable when thought of as a scavenger hunt as opposed to a surprise party.]]> http://quotationsbook.com/quote/47343/ http://quotationsbook.com/quote/47343/ <![CDATA[Hope is a good breakfast but a bad supper.]]> http://quotationsbook.com/quote/19413/ http://quotationsbook.com/quote/19413/