ebean - Feed http://quotationsbook.com/ Quotations Book Search <![CDATA[To criticize is to appreciate, to appropriate, to take intellectual possession, to establish in fine a relation with the criticized thing and to make it one's own.]]> http://quotationsbook.com/quote/9324/ http://quotationsbook.com/quote/9324/ <![CDATA[Of course you're always at liberty to judge the critic. Judge people as critics, however, and you'll condemn them all!]]> http://quotationsbook.com/quote/9325/ http://quotationsbook.com/quote/9325/ <![CDATA[He is outside of everything, and alien everywhere. He is an aesthetic solitary. His beautiful, light imagination is the wing that on the autumn evening just brushes the dusky window.]]> http://quotationsbook.com/quote/42715/ http://quotationsbook.com/quote/42715/ <![CDATA[I hold any writer sufficiently justified who is himself in love with his theme.]]> http://quotationsbook.com/quote/42716/ http://quotationsbook.com/quote/42716/ <![CDATA[People talk about the conscience, but it seems to me one must just bring it up to a certain point and leave it there. You can let your conscience alone if you're nice to the second housemaid.]]> http://quotationsbook.com/quote/8069/ http://quotationsbook.com/quote/8069/ <![CDATA[In art economy is always beauty.]]> http://quotationsbook.com/quote/11825/ http://quotationsbook.com/quote/11825/