dgoomey - Feed http://quotationsbook.com/ Quotations Book Search <![CDATA[If you want to achieve excellence, you can get there today. As of this second, quit doing less-than-excellent work.]]> http://quotationsbook.com/quote/13133/ http://quotationsbook.com/quote/13133/ <![CDATA[In really good companies, you have to lead. You have to come up with big ideas and express them forcefully. I have always been encouraged -- or sometimes forced -- to confront the very natural fear of being wrong. I was constantly pushed to find out what I really thought and then to speak up. Over time, I came to see that waiting to discover which way the wind was blowing is an excellent way to learn how to be a follower.]]> http://quotationsbook.com/quote/22821/ http://quotationsbook.com/quote/22821/ <![CDATA[When you write down your ideas you automatically focus your full attention on them. Few if any of us can write one thought and think another at the same time. Thus a pencil and paper make excellent concentration tools.]]> http://quotationsbook.com/quote/7765/ http://quotationsbook.com/quote/7765/ <![CDATA[Working together, ordinary people can perform extraordinary feats. They can push things that come into their hands a little higher up, a little further on towards the heights of excellence.]]> http://quotationsbook.com/quote/38459/ http://quotationsbook.com/quote/38459/ <![CDATA[You can become an even more excellent person by constantly setting higher and higher standards for yourself and then by doing everything possible to live up to those standards.]]> http://quotationsbook.com/quote/13119/ http://quotationsbook.com/quote/13119/ <![CDATA[The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.]]> http://quotationsbook.com/quote/246/ http://quotationsbook.com/quote/246/ <![CDATA[Excellence is best described as doing the right things right -- selecting the most important things to be done and then accomplishing them 100% correctly.]]> http://quotationsbook.com/quote/13122/ http://quotationsbook.com/quote/13122/ <![CDATA[Employees tend to live up to their managers expectations of them. If a managers expectations are high, productivity is likely to be excellent.]]> http://quotationsbook.com/quote/13298/ http://quotationsbook.com/quote/13298/ <![CDATA[When a team outgrows individual performance and learns team confidence, excellence becomes a reality.]]> http://quotationsbook.com/quote/38442/ http://quotationsbook.com/quote/38442/ <![CDATA[Revolve your world around the customer and more customers will revolve around you.]]> http://quotationsbook.com/quote/9603/ http://quotationsbook.com/quote/9603/