Pearlformance - Feed Quotations Book Search <![CDATA[Anything you do fearless, you do in mediocrity. ]]> <![CDATA[You cannot be a secret and be profitable.]]> <![CDATA[Indecision is a form of self-abuse – be ready to step up!]]> <![CDATA[Truth never speaks to us through fear.]]> <![CDATA[If I had more time I would write a shorter letter.]]> <![CDATA[Manifest plainness, embrace simplicity, reduce selfishness, have few desires.]]> <![CDATA[By letting it go it all gets done. The world is won by those who let it go. But when you try and try. The world is beyond the winning.]]> <![CDATA[Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.]]> <![CDATA[He who obtains has little. He who scatters has much.]]> <![CDATA[A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving. A good artist lets his intuition lead him wherever it wants.]]> <![CDATA[Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.]]> <![CDATA[Do not worry about the incarnation of ideas. If you are a poet, your works will contain them without your knowledge -- they will be both moral and national if you follow your inspiration freely.]]> <![CDATA[Try as much as possible to be wholly alive, with all your might, and when you laugh, laugh like hell and when you get angry, get good and angry. Try to be alive. You will be dead soon enough.]]> <![CDATA[If you can make a woman laugh you can do anything with her.]]> <![CDATA[Isn't privacy about keeping taboos in their place?]]> <![CDATA[The origins of clothing are not practical. They are mystical and erotic. The primitive man in the wolf-pelt was not keeping dry; he was saying: Look what I killed. Aren't I the best?]]> <![CDATA[Once, during Prohibition, I was forced to live for days on nothing but food and water.]]> <![CDATA[Start off everyday with a simple smile and get it over with.]]> <![CDATA[You can say what you like about long dresses, but they cover a multitude of shins.]]> <![CDATA[When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I've never tried before.]]> <![CDATA[It's hard to be funny when you have to be clean.]]> <![CDATA[He who hesitates is a damned fool.]]> <![CDATA[Love life and life will love you back. Love people and they will love you back.]]> <![CDATA[If you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you love. Don't be surly at home, then go out in the street and start grinning Good morning at total strangers.]]> <![CDATA[We live everything as it comes, without warning, like an actor going on cold. And what can life be worth if the first rehearsal for life is life itself? That is why life is always a sketch. No sketch is not quite the right word, because a sketch is an outline of something, the groundwork for a picture, whereas the sketch that is our life is a sketch of nothing, an outline with no picture.]]> <![CDATA[Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.]]> <![CDATA[Consider how hard it is to change yourself and you'll understand what little chance you have in trying to change others.]]> <![CDATA[Fish die belly upward, and rise to the surface. Its their way of falling.]]> <![CDATA[The most decisive actions of our life -- I mean those that are most likely to decide the whole course of our future -- are, more often than not, unconsidered.]]> <![CDATA[Prejudice squints when it looks and lies when it talks.]]> <![CDATA[Complete abstinence is easier than perfect moderation.]]> <![CDATA[Your mind is what makes everything else work.]]> <![CDATA[One should only see a psychiatrist out of boredom.]]> <![CDATA[A timid question will always receive a confident answer.]]> <![CDATA[Only my condemnation injures me.]]> <![CDATA[Some people swallow the universe like a pill; they travel on through the world, like smiling images pushed from behind.]]> <![CDATA[Sarcasm: the last refuge of modest and chaste-souled people when the privacy of their soul is coarsely and intrusively invaded.]]> <![CDATA[Girls are so queer you never know what they mean. They say No when they mean Yes, and drive a man out of his wits for the fun of it.]]> <![CDATA[If a hermit lives in a state of ecstasy, his lack of comfort becomes the height of comfort. He must relinquish it.]]> <![CDATA[Whatever muscles I have are the product of my own hard work and nothing else.]]> <![CDATA[They that will not apply new remedies must expect new evils.]]> <![CDATA[Someone once asked me why women don't gamble as much as men do, and I gave the common-sensical reply that we don't have as much money. That was a true but incomplete answer. In fact, women's total instinct for gambling is satisfied by marriage.]]> <![CDATA[Power can be taken, but not given. The process of the taking is empowerment in itself.]]> <![CDATA[Writing is the only thing that, when I do it, I don't feel I should be doing something else.]]> <![CDATA[Like warmed-up cabbage served at each repast, The repetition kills the wretch at last.]]> <![CDATA[If all the economists were laid end to end, they would not reach a conclusion.]]> <![CDATA[It is better wither to be silent, or to say things of more value than silence. Sooner throw a pearl at hazard than an idle or useless word; and do not say a little in many words, but a great deal in a few.]]>