EmrgncyMD - Feed http://quotationsbook.com/ Quotations Book Search <![CDATA[We enter the world alone, we leave the world alone.]]> http://quotationsbook.com/quote/24238/ http://quotationsbook.com/quote/24238/ <![CDATA[We're all in this alone.]]> http://quotationsbook.com/quote/24263/ http://quotationsbook.com/quote/24263/ <![CDATA[Let us endeavor so to live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.]]> http://quotationsbook.com/quote/10097/ http://quotationsbook.com/quote/10097/ <![CDATA[It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.]]> http://quotationsbook.com/quote/15428/ http://quotationsbook.com/quote/15428/ <![CDATA[I was young and foolish then; now I am old and foolisher.]]> http://quotationsbook.com/quote/15427/ http://quotationsbook.com/quote/15427/ <![CDATA[Golf is a good walk spoiled.]]> http://quotationsbook.com/quote/17429/ http://quotationsbook.com/quote/17429/ <![CDATA[When I was fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have him around. When I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years.]]> http://quotationsbook.com/quote/20318/ http://quotationsbook.com/quote/20318/