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It is not good to have an oar in everyone's boat.

I like not only to be loved, but also to be told that I am loved. I am not sure that you are of the same kind. But the realm of silence is large enough beyond the grave. This is the world of literature and speech and I shall take leave to tell you that you are very dear.
I'd rather be right than President.
Age is not all decay; it is the ripening, the swelling, of the fresh life within, that withers and bursts the husk.
All right Mister, let me tell you what winning means... you're willing to go longer, work harder, give more than anyone else.
There is no death. the stars go down to rise upon some other shore. And bright in Heaven's jeweled crown, they shine for ever more.
Death may be the King of terrors... but Jesus is the King of kings!
As a bathtub lined with white porcelain, when the hot water gives out or goes tepid, so is the slow cooling of our chivalrous passion, o my much praised but-not-altogether-satisfactory lady.
Passion is the drunkenness of the mind.
It is foolish to pretend that one is fully recovered from a disappointed passion. Such wounds always leave a scar.
Passion, though a bad regulator, is a powerful spring.
To hide a passion totally (or even to hide, more simply, its excess) is inconceivable: not because the human subject is too weak, but because passion is in essence made to be seen: the hiding must be seen: I want you to know that I am hiding something from you, that is the active paradox I must resolve: at one and the same time it must be known and not known: I want you to know that I don't want to show my feelings: that is the message I address to the other.
Passion costs me too much to bestow it on every trifle.
A true friend is one soul in two bodies.
Stay is a charming word in a friend's vocabulary.
Give a small boy a hammer and he will find that everything he encounters needs pounding.
Nature has no mercy at all. Nature says, I'm going to snow. If you have on a bikini and no snowshoes, that's tough. I am going to snow anyway.
Life has taught me that it is not for our faults that we are disliked and even hated, but for our qualities.
It is difficult to lay aside a confirmed passion.

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