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There are few people who are not ashamed of their love affairs when the infatuation is over.

In every question and every remark tossed back and forth between lovers who have not played out the last fugue, there is one question and it is this: Is there someone new?
In a separation it is the one who is not really in loved who says the more tender things.
She's gone. I am abused, and my relief must be to loathe her.
I hated her now with a hatred more fatal than indifference because it was the other side of love.
When a man has once loved a woman, he will do anything for her, except continue to love her.
There is always something ridiculous about the emotions of people whom one has ceased to love.
You may build castles in the air, and fume, and fret, and grow thin and lean, and pale and ugly, if you please. But I tell you, no man worth having is true to his wife, or can be true to his wife, or ever was, or will be so.
Those who are faithful know only the trivial side of love: it is the faithless who know love's tragedies.

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