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In some ways, I feel bad for Paris Hilton who finds herself trapped in a vortex of mindless, unfulfilling, consumerism. The day she stops shopping conspicuously will be the day advertisers controlling the Big Media brainwash machine turn the cameras elsewhere. You see, in the Cult of Celebrity, good-looking people are a dime a dozen, while good shoppers are invaluable.

As Hurricane Sandy clearly demonstrated, there is a woeful lack of redundancy in the nation’s health care facilities. However, take solace in knowing there are no lack of choices in those things the advertisers convince us should matter more. For example, right now, you can purchase at least FIVE different varieties of perfume by Paris Hilton at your local mall so, even if you can no longer find a single hospital anywhere nearby, the good news is we live in a society where you’ll never lack for options to smell good while you suffer in pain.

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