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Pain is life -- the sharper, the more evidence of life.

Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us.
It is not length of life, but depth of life.
Dying is something we human beings do continuously, not just at the end of our physical lives on this earth.
Death never takes the wise man by surprise, he is always ready to go.
Though it be in the power of the weakest arm to take away life, it is not in the strongest to deprive us of death.
Maturity is the ability to think, speak and act your feelings within the bounds of dignity. The measure of your maturity is how spiritual you become during the midst of your frustrations.
And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. [Matthew 10:28]
Death is a commingling of eternity with time; in the death of a good man, eternity is seen looking through time.
I shall not wholly die, and a great part of me will escape the grave.
If some persons died, and others did not die, death would be a terrible affliction.
It is difficult to accept death in this society because it is unfamiliar. In spite of the fact that it happens all the time, we never see it.
Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman -- not the attitude of the prospect.
If you're not a white male, consider sales seriously. Most employers, regardless of how sexist or racist they may be, will pay for any sales they can get. And they care little for the color or gender of the person who brings that business to the firm. Most will be glad to get the business even if it comes from a green, bisexual Martian.
Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says, Make me feel important. Not only will you succeed in sales, you will succeed in life.
First thing every morning before you arise say out loud, I believe, three times.
Know one knows whether death, which people fear to be the greatest evil, may not be the greatest good.
The Father is the Giver of Life; but the Mother is the Giver of Death, because her womb is the gate of ingress to matter, and through her life is ensouled to form, and no form can be either infinite or eternal. Death is implicit in birth.
It is not how old you are, but how you are old.
When we are out of sympathy with the young, then I think our work in this world is over.
Old age is always wakeful; as if, the longer linked with life, the less man has to do with aught that looks like death.
Men of my age live in a state of continual desperation.
The complete life, the perfect pattern, includes old age as well as youth and maturity. The beauty of the morning and the radiance of noon are good, but it would be a very silly person who drew the curtains and turned on the light in order to shut out the tranquillity of the evening. Old age has its pleasures, which, though different, are not less than the pleasures of youth.
Old age is an insult. It's like being smacked.
Age does not depend upon years, but upon temperament and health. Some men are born old, and some never grow up.
Those who love deeply never grow old; they may die of old age, but they die young.
One of the many things nobody ever tells you about middle age is that it's such a nice change from being young.
If you're starting to look wrinkled, don't worry. It covers the scars.
The really frightening thing about middle age is that you know you'll grow out of it!
Middle age is youth without levity, and age without decay.
Rejoice that you have still have a long time to live, before the thought comes to you that there is nothing more in the world to see.
One of the aged greatest miseries is that they cannot easily find a companion able to share the memories of the past.
You're only young once, but you can be immature forever.
Some men are born old, and some men never seem so. If we keep well and cheerful, we are always young and at last die in youth even when in years would count as old.
Death is a Dialogue between, the Spirit and the Dust.
Because I could not stop for death, He kindly stopped for me; The carriage held but just ourselves and immortality.
To be born free is an accident; To live free a responsibility; To die free is an obligation.
Death be not proud, though some have called thee Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so. For, those, whom thou think'st thou dost overthrow. Die not, poor death, nor yet canst thou kill me.
When one man dies, one chapter is not torn out of the book, but translated into a better language.
To die is landing on some distant shore.
Death is the king of this world: 'Tis his park where he breeds life to feed him. Cries of pain are music for his banquet
Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them.
When death comes it is never our tenderness that we repent from, but our severity.
The last suit that you wear, you don't need any pockets.
He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.
I'm trying to die correctly, but it's very difficult, you know.
He was exhaled; his great Creator drew His spirit, as the sun the morning dew.
Like pilgrims to the appointed place we tend; The world's an inn, and death the journey's end.
Death is the last enemy: once we've got past that I think everything will be alright.
I have wrestled with death. It is the most unexciting contest you can imagine. It takes place in an impalpable grayness, with nothing underfoot, with nothing around, without spectators, without clamor, without glory, without the great desire of victory, without the great fear of defeat.
Death is the liberator of him whom freedom cannot release, the physician of him whom medicine cannot cure, and the comforter of him whom time cannot console.
The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.
Death is the dropping of the flower that the fruit may swell.
Loss and possession, Death and life are one. There falls no shadow where There shines no sun.
Death is as sure for that which is born, as birth is for that which is dead. Therefore grieve not for what is inevitable.
As the waters fail from the sea, and the flood decayeth and drieth up: so man lieth down, and riseth not: till the heavens be no more, they shall not awake, nor be raised out of their sleep. [Job 14:11-12]
For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. [1 Timothy 6:7]
Lord, make me to know mine end, and the measure of my days, what it is; that I may know how frail I am.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. [Psalm 23:4]
Man is a noble animal, splendid in ashes, and pompous in the grave.
I'd rather die while I'm living then live while I'm dead.
The fear of death is worse than death.
For the sword outwears its sheath, and the soul wears out the breast. And the heart must pause to breathe, and love itself have rest.
I have seen a thousand graves opened, and always perceived that whatever was gone, the teeth and hair remained of those who had died with them. Is not this odd? They go the very first things in youth and yet last the longest in the dust.
Death, so called, is a thing which makes men weep, and yet a third of life is passed in sleep.
There will be no lasting peace either in the heart of individuals or in social customs until death is outlawed.
Men are convinced of your arguments, your sincerity, and the seriousness of your efforts only by your death.
Men are never really willing to die except for the sake of freedom: therefore they do not believe in dying completely.
I look upon life as a gift from God. I did nothing to earn it. Now that the time is coming to give it back, I have no right to complain.
Let no man fear to die, we love to sleep all, and death is but the sounder sleep.
Let death be daily before your eyes, and you will never entertain any abject thought, nor too eagerly covet anything.
It is possible to provide security against other ills, but as far as death is concerned, we men all live in a city without walls.
Land and sea, weakness and decline are great separators, but death is the great divorcer for ever.
If a man hasn't discovered something that he will die for, he isn't fit to live.
We need not fear life, because God is the Ruler of all and we need not fear death, because He shares immortality with us.
I warmed both hands before the fire of life; It sinks, and I am ready to depart.
If we really think that home is elsewhere and that this life is a wandering to find home, why should we not look forward to the arrival?
I stay a little longer, as one stays, to cover up the embers that still burn.
Life is the jailer, death the angel sent to draw the unwilling bolts and set us free.
But life is sweet, though all that makes it sweet. Lessen like sound of friends departing feet; And death is beautiful as feet of friend. Coming with welcome at our journey's end.
We begin to die as soon as we are born, and the end is linked to the beginning.
The only religious way to think of death is as part and parcel of life.
The grave's a fine and private place, but none, I think, do there embrace.
Either he's dead or my watch has stopped.
Death is a very dull, dreary affair, and my advice to you is to have nothing whatever to do with it.
We all of us waited for him to die. The family sent him a check every month, and hoped he'd get on with it quietly, without too much vulgar fuss.
An evil life is a kind of death.
If only I could understand the reason for my crying. If only I could stop this fear of dreaming that I'm dying.
He whom the Gods love dies young, while he is in health, has his senses and his judgments sound.
It matters not how a man dies, but how he lives. The act of dying is not of importance, it lasts so short a time.
Since the death instinct exists in the heart of everything that lives, since we suffer from trying to repress it, since everything that lives longs for rest, let us unfasten the ties that bind us to life, let us cultivate our death wish, let us develop it, water it like a plant, let it grow unhindered. Suffering and fear are born from the repression of the death wish.
In the democracy of the dead all men at last are equal. There is neither rank nor station nor prerogative in the republic of the grave.
The art of living well and the art of dying well are one.
Many people die at twenty five and aren't buried until they are seventy five.
Plan for this world as if you expect to live forever; but plan for the hereafter as if you expect to die tomorrow.
Death is the only inescapable, unavoidable, sure thing. We are sentenced to die the day we're born.
Your body must become familiar with its death -- in all its possible forms and degrees -- as a self-evident, imminent, and emotionally neutral step on the way towards the goal you have found worthy of your life.
If even dying is to be made a social function, then, grant me the favor of sneaking out on tiptoe without disturbing the party.
To leave is to die a little... one leaves behind a little of oneself at any hour, at any place.
You haven't lost anything when you know were it is. Death can hide but not divide.
We sometimes congratulate ourselves at the moment of waking from a troubled dream; it may be so the moment after death.
When I die, I want people to play my music, go wild and freak out and do anything they want to do.
Madam, Life's a piece in bloom death goes dogging everywhere: She's the tenant of the room he's the ruffian on the stair.
Death is a delightful hiding place for weary men.
The call of death is a call of love. Death can be sweet if we answer it in the affirmative, if we accept it as one of the great eternal forms of life and transformation.
Death has but one terror, that it has no tomorrow.
Tis after death that we measure men.
Fear of death has been the greatest ally of tyranny past and present.
How frighteningly few are the persons whose death would spoil our appetite and make the world seem empty.
Death is the great adventure beside which moon landings and space trips pale into insignificance.
Every man goes down to his death bearing in his hands only that which he has given away.
The darkness of death is like the evening twilight; it makes all objects appear more lovely to the dying.
Death always comes too early or too late.
Thank Heaven! the crisis --The danger, is past, and the lingering illness, is over at last --, and the fever called Living is conquered at last.
Except for the young or very happy, I can't say I am sorry for anyone who dies.
Between my head and my hand, there is always the face of death.
Death is a shadow that always follows the body.
Death is an endless night so awful to contemplate that it can make us love life and value it with such passion that it may be the ultimate cause of all joy and all art.
Do not go gentle into the good night. Old age should burn and rage at close of day.
I am ready to meet God face to face tonight and look into those eyes of infinite holiness, for all my sins are covered by the atoning blood.
Death gives us sleep, eternal youth, and immortality.
The death of what's dead is the birth of what's living.
There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval. The dark background which death supplies brings out the tender colors of life in all their purity.
Most people would rather die than think: many do.
Who is mightier than death? Those who can smile when death threatens.
Dying is a troublesome business: there is pain to be suffered, and it wrings one's heart; but death is a splendid thing --a warfare accomplished, a beginning all over again, a triumph. You can always see that in their faces.
The final hour when we cease to exist does not itself bring death; it merely of itself completes the death-process. We reach death at that moment, but we have been a long time on the way.
If you treat every situation as a life and death matter, you'll die a lot of times.
After your death you will be what you were before your birth.
The hour of departure has arrived and we go our ways; I to die, and you to live. Which is better? Only God knows.
Death may be the greatest of all human blessings.
Death is not a period, but a comma in the story of life.
Why is it that we rejoice at birth and grieve at a funeral? It is because we are not the person involved.
We owe a deep debt of gratitude to Adam, the first great benefactor of the human race: he brought death into the world.
A dying man needs to die, as a sleepy man needs to sleep, and there comes a time when it is wrong, as well as useless, to resist.
There are three kinds of death in this world. There's heart death, there's brain death, and there's being off the network.
Nothing that is really good and God-like dies.
Truth sits upon the lips of dying men.
To a father, when a child dies, the future dies; to a child when a parent dies, the past dies.
Death is a release from the impressions of the senses, and from desires that make us their puppets, and from the vagaries of the mind, and from the hard service of the flesh.
It is as natural to die as to be born; and to a little infant, perhaps, the one is as painful as the other. He that dies in an earnest pursuit, is like one that is wounded in hot blood; who for the time scarce feels the hurt; and therefore a mind fixed and bent upon somewhat that is good, doth aver the dolours of death.
I do not believe that any man fears to be dead, but only the stroke of death.
The best place a person can die, is where they die for others.
To die will be an awfully big adventure.
Death not merely ends life, it also bestows upon it a silent completeness, snatched from the hazardous flux to which all things human are subject.
No evil is honorable: but death is honorable; therefore death is not evil.
When death overtakes us; all that we have is left to others; all that we are we take with us.
Those to whom we say farewell, are welcomed by others.
Death twitches my ear. Live, he says, I am coming.

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