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Do you really think, Arthur, that it is weakness that yields to temptation? I tell you that there are terrible temptations that it requires strength, strength and courage, to yield to.

Temptations, unlike opportunities, will always give you many second chances.
Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.
People who wait for changes to occur on the outside before they commit to making changes on the inside will never make any changes at all.
People who have realized that this is a dream imagine that it is easy to wake up, and are angry with those who continue sleeping, not considering that the whole world that environs them does not permit them to wake. Life proceeds as a series of optical illusions, artificial needs and imaginary sensations.
Life has taught me to think, but thinking has not taught me to live.
No one is to blame. It is neither their fault nor ours. It is the misfortune of being born when a whole world is dying.

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