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Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.

Success is not a journey, it's a destination called satisfaction.
Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.
The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.
Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.
Anyone who doesn't take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either.
Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living.
A man's ethical behavior should be based effectually on sympathy, education, and social ties; no religious basis is necessary. Man would indeed be in a poor way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death.
Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social environment. Most people are even incapable of forming such opinions.
People, who have known a person for many days but could never spot or appreciate his hidden talent in the first place, are likely to raise their suspicions on seeing him ever winning laurels in the life’s race.
FORGIVING is FOR GIVING to others and if it is meant FOR GETTING to ourselves then should it not be termed as FORGETTING ourselves.
The quality of the thought that a person has got inside and sought from outside is likely to decide the quality of the people that has been brought into his life.
The original thoughts are like the rare and precious jewels, but remember there has always been a big market with a large number of buyers, sellers and suppliers of the imitation jewellery.
A leader is one who does not care about his rank and role but remains always responsive to lead, shoulder responsibility, and achieve the goal in such a way that everyone, in and outside the team, respects him for touching their revered souls.
Success is not a process of accumulating wealth, building mass relationship or collecting things in excess, but developing, excelling, fostering and growing the happiness for self and others without recess to treat it as the life's progress.”
Everyone makes a difference. Someone who does something for others makes a big difference. A person who has no self-interest to do things for others makes a bigger difference. But, one who does everything for everyone for the sake of humanity without vested interest makes a real big difference for sustainability." ~Anuj Somany
A gentleman is one who doesn't and can’t forgive himself for self-committed mistake even if others forget it and the self-criticism is a mark of his right attitude towards life.
The best way to make a good day is to enjoy doing the hard work to better the productivity consistently and stay happy only with the performance excellence.”
A sensible person is one who has a sensitive nature towards all living creatures and this is his or her best personality features towards the positive outlook in life."~Anuj Somany
Kindness is a steeling feeling that has a power of filling the gaps in relationships by stealing hearts." ~ Anuj Somany
A person's own definition of leadership defines the glittering crown of his leadership."~Anuj Somany
The difference between DREAM and DESIRE is that the dream is what we build for the team and the desire is what we aspire to build for ourselves."~Anuj Somany
Saying different is neither saying difficult things in a simple way nor simple things in a difficult way, but something real and unique that makes its stay in the heart of difficult or simple people in the best way.
The real issue with pretenders is not only that they fake unabatedly and cheat unabashedly, but they take out tongue to tease the face seen in front of their mirror to unashamedly please themselves.
Never treat somebody's cleverness as his life's smartness. Cleverness is to hide weakness and smartness is to project strength of his weakness.
When a person says only what others love to hear, he is largely liked; but if he loves to say what he likes only, then others hear him hardly.
A man's high success requires a key; but his happiness needs personality to be low-key.
A man's originality is not only the most beautiful , but his best personality for humanity in life.
A man can define many things beautifully in his life, but his character is one beautiful thing that can define him instantly and completely
Prayers endowed only with inner feelings keep open life's ceiling for unbridled healings from the Almighty
Everyone loves himself, but loving others is the most daunting task. The main reason for any person to feel low in life or hurt, rejected and dejected is that he expects almost the same level of love from others as he loves dearly to himself and when he does not get, he feels no good.
Success is like a bewitching woman with no character and known for her infidelity. Anyone paying the right price for it can have in his life. But an excellence is unlike success and to crave for or attain it, the person has to have the right human values and high good character in his life.
The best way to judge the worth of a person’s wealth is to count the number of genuine persons he has got in his network.
The best way to make the thing better is to give it only a good quality time.
A man who says something different from the normal talk always appear to others to be running ahead, apart and fast even when he says the least in the group
Empowerment means constantly challenging oneself with something difficult that tests his/her power of nerve, knack, skill, aptitude, attitude and wisdom to do things diligently, delightfully but differently.
Anything that comes out of heart giving no space of time for mind to ponder and make a double thought on it, is most likely to be beautiful.
A real person is always HERO even if he bags no award; others are just ZERO even if they always get rewards.
Thoughts are the words supported with the action and both are not independent of each other to produce results.
Trust Yourself" is different from "Love Yourself". "Trust Yourself" is sheer confidence while "Love Yourself" is just preference.
The most arduous job that a real leader does is to please himself with his words and actions and feel happy with the praise received on achievements.
The proclivity and the penchant of a man's persistence with perseverance for doing work par excellence is a great way to improve his prospect, prudence, positivity, productivity, performance and personality both on the personal and professional field.
Many problems are actually solutions. Only constant and consistent thinking about them exaggerates, amplifies and glorifies the issues
A person only likes his friend to the degree he or she relates and connects to his character.
The best compliment for a man is to be treated like a true leader; one who is real, correct and righteous in his approach, attitude, temperament, behavior and most importantly, character.
The power of HEART is much stronger than the power of MIND to empower our life." ~Anuj Somany.
A man's confidence only pays when everything else just stays aways in his life. ~Anuj Somany
A man’s hope is a time-tested, proven rope to pull him up from his life going down the slope
A man who relentlessly perspires to do excellence evidently inspires many with his intelligence and elegance." ~Anuj Somany
A leader may not necessarily be a good reader, writer or speaker, but certainly the best teacher in life with his self-made decision that sets him apart and ahead of others. He is deeply passionate to constantly feel an adrenaline rush in his body to drive good change for making a big difference. He has simplicity in character, but is gregarious by nature that constantly propels him in new ground-breaking idea generation; taking hearty initiative; finding soul-enriching innovation; appreciating sincerely others creation and efforts; exploring unchartered growth avenues; redefining success paradigm; marching confidently in hostile conditions; making progress of real significance; discovering self- motivation through perspiration; inspiring team members with timely decision, self-action and solution; setting benchmark of high quality performance through self-taken examples and he always feelsgrounded to have absolutely no room for any complacency and sycophancy.
When the people say 'NO' and probability to win seem extremely 'LOW', that's the right time for one to muster courage to lift himself up to 'GO' and 'SHOW' his real life’s FLOW and GLOW.
Intellectuals are real and actuals who speak first to bare open and bring fore the burning matters’ factual before others can speak up and never latch up to the craziest trend amongst masses to popularize themselves.
Speaking and doing are two different actions springing up the two completely different results. But, the best result arrives when a man’s speaking of good words matches with his corresponding and timely action to benefit everyone.
If opportunity does not knock, then see it with an open window of heart than closed door mind. Rest assured, it must be standing outside only awaiting to be invited, greeted or met on an open ground only.
Trust is the deepest root of the human relationship tree and perhaps the only cherished quality which is the strongest and the weakest both at the same time. If one loves it dearly, then no one can breach to break it. And if one does not care for it, then anyone can easily reach to crack it.
Leadership is meant merely to be lead-by-example.Anything given extra to support team result is just an icing on the top.
The best time to live-up to a great expectation be only when everyone says give-up.
The battery of flattery received and enjoyed as lottery by a man from the coterie just flattens his growth inconspicuously but consistently.
The New Year is a beautiful bouquet of newer unfolding opportunities to fulfill unfinished commitments with renewed vigour of heart and move-up on an accelerating speed to reach to a new milestone of a promising career and enriching life's journey.
A man is at his best when he is simply not like rest in all his life's test.
Love is a desire to like,dream to make,trust not to break,pleasure not to fake,but never a lust or money in life for God's sake.
Good lovers understand each other; Better lovers respect each other; Best lovers live to trust each other; Great lovers dwell in each other.
Understanding the single-line quote is like comprehending the bulky book with its title only and correctly.
The words spoken from a selfless soul are the sole flawless powers to empower the world.
A bright smile has the strongest electrifying power to lift-up the sagging morale and light-up the depressed face effortlessly and immediately.
Life does not teach us any lessons in terms of good or bad. We only pick up words from its books and make own sentence to derive conclusions.
A person knows whom to trust the most when he clearly knows who puts the trust on him in time of his wealth lost.
Make friendship with as many kids as possible to have credible source for many innovative,interesting,intuitive and real imaginative ideas.
Love yourself" does not mean to do only what one feels or perceives is right but the thing which is morally right for everyone.
There's nothing like beauty of heart as it makes everything look beautiful.
Beautiful is a person whose outside and inside world are in great concord, camaraderie and joint concert.
Actions do speak louder than voice,but there is nothing strongest of all than productive results alone.
It takes no extra effort for a good person to look all different and it takes all different efforts for others to look good.
Raising right question is awakening; getting its answer is stimulating; But, nothing better than the best is finding the right answer to the right question.
One's clean heart gives him a clear vision with an open mind to sense every life's obstacle as an opportunity in his soul to do things better and better enthusiastically and strive for excellence.
Each person coming in one's network is a source of the biggest lesson in his life"~Anuj Somany
Pray only with our kind heart while keeping either both hands folded or opened
There are always two or more ways to say the same points. Choose the best one that addresses the solutions without glorifying the problems.
The invincible strength of a committed person towards humanity is his towering faith on the invisible power."~Anuj Somany
If we only say what we feel, then we merely dwell in that which keeps us zeal.
An open mind keeps its all doors and windows closed for fear, worry,anxiety, hate,selfishness, jealousy and bias nature.
Solitude is the most fertile land that yields the bumper crop of mind's creativity
The certified quality of person's actual education reflects in the degree of respect he employs in his words while talking with others.
The thought that we conceive in our soul is the image built later in our heart to think in our mind and then practically see in our life."~Anuj Somany
Silence is a power only in the hands of enlightened minds, but weakness in the mind of helpless hands."~Anuj Somany
When we love what we do, then we only do what we love."~Anuj Somany
Words embody power to inspire or motivate us, but it is only we who have power to open up to see and feel it.
One can change the small minds, but it is tad difficult to do it with the small heart whose soul is in the small mind only.~Anuj Somany
Time is money only if seeds of painful efforts are sown in the fertile land of time.~Anuj Somany
One who does not act in accordance to the deep voice of his inner conscience can't be honest, truthful, trustworthy, loyal and faithful to anyone.
A genuine leader leads by examples only and listens to all but trusts only what he experiences himself than believing even the trusted ones.
Never judge any person by his answers or questions but by his nature of character solely."~Anuj Somany
People advising others often forget that the same advice applies to their life as well
Divorce the past to marry the present and be blessed with a lovely child of future.~Anuj Somany

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