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There's a lot in quotes that leads us to learn and feel better. We believe that the words of others can change your life. You've just found a treasure chest of the world's wisdom. Which jewels will you pick? Blaze your trail. We've made the best place in the world to read and share quotes.

  • We want you to find beautiful and delicious quotes. We aim to make the best search and exploration tools possible.
  • We want you to show the world what you care about. We aim to create the very best ways to add quotes to QB. You should express your opinion, knowledge and feelings in exciting ways.
  • We want the community to benefit as a whole and have fun. We want like minded people to connect, and hope to build the finest ways of enjoying quotes on your own and with others.

We hope that as your browse, you can relate things to your affairs, your trials and tribulations. Have a look on services.

Amit and Pravina are co-founders of QB. They believe in the site beyond words, and their hearts are set on creating a place where you can mingle and discover meaningful things. Amit's published a book of poetry.

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Dr. Mardy Grothe


Dr. Mardy Grothe is a psychologist who has lived and practised in New England for over twenty-five years. He's the author of various books with a lifelong interest in language and words.

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Brenda Bright


Brenda Bright is a graduate of Vassar College with a lifetime of experience finding and collecting quotations. She once "found" the one Proust wrote about Madelines and did not know she wasn't the first person to do this.


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